Mustang Ranch

In 2020, affiliates of Lyme acquired the Mustang Ranch property in the West Fork Trinity watershed in Texas to establish a stream mitigation bank. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, the mitigation bank will serve this rapidly developing metro area.

Over 33,000 linear feet of Mustang Creek runs through the property with over 26,000 additional linear feet of tributaries. Developing a mitigation bank on the property is expected to restore natural and sustainable hydrology on the property.

Since at least the 1950s, agricultural activities, stream modifications, and land clearing and conversion have significantly impaired the property’s ability to perform important ecological functions. On the property, there are eighteen on-channel concrete and earthen dams and six oil wells. Current agricultural activity includes cattle grazing and hay production.

The highly manipulated nature of the resources creates significant uplift opportunities. Restoration plans include the cessation of livestock grazing and agricultural uses, the restoration of degraded wetland and riparian habitat to target herbaceous native vegetative communities, the restoration of streams, and the re-creation of streams by removing dams and ponds.

Johnson County, Texas
1,568 acres
Mustang Ranch