Privacy Policy

Pursuant to the US Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, Public Law No. 106-102, and the rules issued by the Federal Trade Commission regarding the Privacy of Consumer Financial Information, 16 C.F.R. Part 313, institutions that provide certain financial products or services to individuals to be used for personal, family, or household purposes are required to provide written notices to their customers regarding disclosure of nonpublic personal information. This notice is being provided to comply with this requirement.

The Lyme Timber Company LLC (the “Company”)1 provides management and administrative services to investment funds (the “Funds”) and subsidiary real estate investment trusts (“REITs” and, together with the Funds, the “Vehicles”). In the normal course of the formation, operation and dissolution of the Vehicles, the Company will collect and disclose certain private information about the limited partners of the Funds and the shareholders of the REITs, respectively (collectively, the “Investors”). Personal financial information about the Investors, such as their names, addresses, social security or tax identification numbers, assets and incomes, will be obtained from subscription agreements, investor questionnaires and other documents. Other personal information about the Investors, such as capital account balances, contributions, distributions, account data and information about their participation in other investments, will be obtained in the course of transactions between the Investors and the Vehicles or their affiliates.

Except as described below, this private information will be disclosed only as permitted by applicable law to the Vehicles’ affiliates and service providers, including the Vehicles’ accountants, attorneys, broker dealers, custodians, transfer agents, and any other parties whose services are necessary or convenient to the formation, operation or dissolution of the Vehicles. Any party receiving private information about the Investors pursuant to the preceding sentence will be authorized to use such information only to perform the services required and as permitted by applicable law.

Access to private information about the Investors will be restricted to those employees of the Company who require such access to provide services to the Company, the Vehicles and the Investors. The Company will maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with Federal regulations to guard private information about the Investors. In addition, the Company will continue to assess new technology for protecting information with regard to the Investors. In all events, the Company may disclose Investor information: (a) to other Investors as required or permitted under the governing documents of the Vehicles; (b) to entities other than their affiliates and service providers within the consent of the Investor and (c) as otherwise required by applicable law.

1 1 This Annual Privacy Notice is being provided on behalf of affiliated entities of the Company as well, which include: The Lyme Forest Fund III T LP; The Lyme Forest Fund III TE LP; LFF III GP LLC; The Lyme Forest Fund IV LP; The Lyme Forest Fund IV TE LP; The Lyme Forest Fund IV FB LP; LFF IV GP LLC; LFF IV TE REIT LLC; The Lyme Forest Fund V LP; The Lyme Forest Fund V TE LP; The Lyme Forest Fund V FB LP; LFF V GP LLC; LFF V REIT LLC; The Lyme Conservation Opportunities Fund LP; LCOF GP LLC; The Lyme Great Lakes Co-Investment Fund LP; and LGL Co-Invest GP LLC.