Lyme Adirondack Forest Company, New York

Current Portfolio

Working timberlands are at the heart of Lyme’s investment strategy and make up the vast majority its invested capital to date. Lyme also invests opportunistically in mitigation banks and other conservation assets.

Other Conservation Assets

Although timberlands make up the bulk of Lyme’s portfolio, the company also pursues investments in ecosystem service markets, including mitigation banks. In partnership with experienced operating partners, Lyme invests in properties with potential to mitigate wetland, stream, or endangered species impacts. In addition, Lyme opportunistically pursues investments in smaller properties with exceptional conservation attributes. Working in partnership with conservation organizations, Lyme seeks to sell conservation easements and/ or fee interests that protect conservation values. Investment realizations are generated from the sale of conservation interests and/or limited development rights.

A 158-acre agricultural and recreational property for restoration within the Big Muddy River watershed in Illinois
The property, adjacent to the Hilochee Wildlife Management Area, is designated by the State of Florida as a Green Swamp Area of Critical State Concern.
9,500-acre mitigation bank that fronts Chocolate and Galveston Bays and the Intracoastal Waterway
Real estate and easement rights underlying four stream mitigation banks across five counties in West Virginia
Wetland mitigation bank on 1,100 acres of degraded wetlands in Polk County, Florida
892-acre mitigation bank in Baldwin County, Alabama
25,000 acres of ranchland outside of Pueblo, Colorado where Lyme sold a conservation easement that supports sustainable ranching activities
Wetland and stream mitigation bank on 2,555 acres in Richland County, South Carolina near the Congaree National Park
71 acres of undeveloped land in northern San Diego County for the establishment of a wetland mitigation bank
141 acres in Blount County, Alabama purchased in 2014 to establish a stream mitigation bank
755-acre wetland mitigation bank in the Lewis Bay Heritage Preserve outside of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina