Lyme Timber Resources

Jim Hourdequin Testifies Before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Jim Hourdequin's Presentation at Who Will Own the Forest 2021 Conference (updated March 15, 2022)
James G. Lewis (Ed.) - chapter 12 by Peter Stein and Marc Hiller
Timber Harvesting & Wood Fiber Operations, 2013
Peter Stein, Silviculture Magazine (2010)

Other Resources

Global Impact Investing Network (2019)
The GIIN and Cambridge Associates (2017)
Conservation Finance Network (2017)
Audubon New York, The State of New York, and The Lyme Timber Company (2016)
Credit Suisse and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment (2016)
EKO Asset Management Partners and NatureVest (2014)
Sonen Capital (2014)