Lyme Redwood, California

Forest Stewardship

Lyme Timber is committed to stewardship practices that maintain long-term forest productivity while conserving the ecological health and biological diversity of the forest. The Company’s forest management practices are guided by several broad principles including:

  • Maintaining long-term forest and soil productivity
  • Conservation of water quality, wetlands and riparian zones
  • Making efficient use of the forest’s multiple products
  • Conservation and enhancement of habitats that support a full range of native plants and animals
  • Protection of unique or fragile areas
  • Maintenance of scenic quality by limiting adverse aesthetic impacts of forest harvesting, particularly in high-elevation areas and vistas
  • Enhancing the long-term social and economic well being of forest workers and local communities
  • Monitoring and compliance with all laws and regulations

The Lyme Timber Company is both FSC® and SFI® Certified and all of Lyme’s working timberland properties are managed under one or both of these forest management certification standards.

FSC License Code: FSC-C003016

SFI Certification Number: BV-SFIS-US005234-1

These programs conduct rigorous, on-site audits each year to verify compliance with comprehensive standards that promote sustainable, environmentally sound, socially beneficial management of forests. In many cases, the working forest conservation easements on Lyme’s timberlands require ongoing certification even after a property changes hands.

Read more about the Forest Stewardship Council’s principles for responsible forest management. Read more about the Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s standards and rules.

For more information about Lyme Timber’s certification programs, please contact Sean Ross, Managing Director and Director of Forestry Operations.

Read more about Lyme’s partnership with the Wildlife Management Institute to demonstrate how commercial timber harvesting can create much-needed young forest habitat for wildlife.