Partnership between the Rossi Group and Lyme Acquire the Danzer sawmill in Bradford, Pennsylvania
The Rossi Group and Lyme plan to bring the Bradford facility, formerly known as Bradford Forest Products, back to full production. The business will operate under its former name, Bradford Forest.   Read more


Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP acquire 1,568 acres in Johnson County, Texas to develop a stream mitigation bank
Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP acquire approximately 92,000 acres of forestland in north central Pennsylvania and southwest New York from Seneca Resources Company, bringing total regional forestland ownership to 159,000 acres
Lyme joins environmental and business leaders in announcing principles on the role sustainably managed forests and forest products play in mitigating climate change
The principles recognize forests as a natural climate solution and provide a common framework for engaging stakeholders in discussions about climate solutions. “We are signing on because we believe the need to address climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time and all businesses have a responsibility to look for solutions. Our role is to understand the science pertaining to the role of forests, forest management, and forest products in mitigating climate change, then to participate in the design of regulations and market based solutions that will enable our businesses to contribute meaningfully to climate solutions.” - Jim Hourdequin, CEO, The Lyme Timber Company.    Read more
Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP acquire 242 acres in southeastern Texas to develop a stream mitigation bank
The Call Junction property, in southeastern Texas, features 40 acres of loblolly pine plantation and 202 acres of pastureland. The mitigation project includes the cessation of agricultural operations, the restoration of wetlands and riparian habitat, and the restoration of streams to increase sinuosity and connectivity with the flood plain.    Read more
Lyme and its partner Finite Carbon featured in WSJ article on the market opportunity to keep forests intact to sequester carbon
Since 2010, when forest carbon offsets markets were in their infancy, Lyme has partnered with Finite Carbon to generate forest carbon offsets with a focus on California’s compliance market. With projects in Maine, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Oregon, we have structured forest carbon offsets projects to sequester over 5 million tons of CO2e. You can learn more about the growing opportunity for forestland owners in compliance and voluntary forest carbon offsets markets in the Wall Street Journal’s August 24, 2020 article featuring Finite Carbon.   Read more
Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP acquire approximately 17,000 acres of forestland in Oregon
The contiguous block of forestland, historically managed for timber and recreation, contains relatively high timber stocking and attractive conservation values including freshwater resources, wildlife habitat, and aesthetic values including views of Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, Broken Top, and Three Sisters.    Read more
The historic Great American Outdoors Act becomes law
The Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) guarantees the full $900 million annual allocation to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and provides nearly $2 billion annually for five years for critical maintenance and infrastructure in our national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, recreation areas, and Native American communities.    Read more
Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP acquire 193 acres in Fayette County, Alabama to develop as a stream mitigation bank
The property is located in the Upper Black Warrior watershed, one of the most ecologically valuable and biologically diverse freshwater habitats in the US.   Read more


Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP acquire approximately 677,000 acres of timberland in Michigan and Wisconsin
This diverse property is dominated by natural hardwood forests, mixed in with natural conifer forests as well as conifer plantations.   Read more