Lyme closes on New Markets Tax Credit financing for its 163,500-acre timberland purchase in West Virginia, providing jobs and contributing to economic development
A Lyme affiliate closed on a $20 million New Markets Tax Credit (“NMTC”) financing, facilitated by an NMTC allocation from CEI Capital Management LLC (“CEI”), to refinance its acquisition of 163,500 acres of timberland in West Virginia.    Read more
PENNVEST Approves a Second Round of Financing for Lyme, Bringing Total Financing to Nearly $50 million
PENNVEST has approved loans totaling nearly $50 million to an affiliate of The Lyme Timber Company LP for land purchases in northwest Pennsylvania.   Read more


Lyme Purchases 163,500 Acres of Timberland in West Virginia
Lyme purchased a 163,500-acre hardwood property in southern West Virginia from affiliates of The Forestland Group (TFG).   Read more
Lyme Purchases 52,800 Acres of Premium Black Cherry Timberland in Northwest Pennsylvania and Southwest New York
Lyme purchased 52,800 acres and secured the purchase of an additional 15,000 acres in northwest Pennsylvania and southwest New York, a region known for its high-quality hardwoods, including black cherry. The lands link national forest land and existing state-owned land and because of their location at the headwaters of the Allegheny River and Susquehanna River watersheds, have been identified as conservation priorities.   Read more
Lyme Receives $25.4 Million Loan Commitment from PENNVEST
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced PENNVEST’s $25.4 million loan commitment to an affiliate of the Lyme Timber Company LP to create new forest-related jobs, leverage private sector investment in the local economy, and ensure clean water for surrounding communities. The commitment contemplates the donation of a working forest conservation easement on 9,362 acres of the property to be purchased, as well as an acid mine drainage restoration project.   Read more
Lyme Sells Wisconsin Holdings to Hancock Timber Resource Group
Funds sponsored by The Lyme Timber Company sold 78,986 acres of timberlands located in northwestern Wisconsin to Hancock Timber Resource Group. Lyme is proud to have been part of the largest land conservation effort in Wisconsin’s history. As a result of its investment activities, over 90 percent of the land being sold to Hancock will be managed in perpetuity under the protection of conservation easements that restrict development and ensure responsible forest management.   Read more
The Lyme Forest Fund IV Acquires Land for Mitigation Bank in California
Fund IV acquired 71 acres of undeveloped land in northern San Diego County in order to establish a wetland mitigation bank. The property was formerly a golf course, and will be restored to re-establish historic stream, riparian, floodplain, wetland, and upland habitats. Site restoration will also benefit a number of listed species.   Read more


The Lyme Forest Fund IV purchases 20,091 acres of timberland in Tennessee
Located in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee, this tract is part of a larger 200,000-acre conserved forest.  The property was conserved by a prior owner and is third-party certified as sustainably managed by FSC.   Read more
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources conserves 7,090 acres of the Lyme Solon Springs Forest
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources approved the purchase of a conservation easement on 7,090 acres of the Lyme Solon Springs Forest, which is part of Wisconsin’s Brule-St. Croix Legacy Forest.   Read more
CEI Capital Management collaborates with Lyme to award $650,000 to the town of Grand Lake Stream, Maine
The grant, announced by CEI Capital Management today, is the last phase of a 2009 New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) financing that protected 22,000 acres of forestland to support the outdoor recreation industry, including sporting camps and lodges and professional guiding.    Read more