Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP invest in wetland mitigation banks in Texas
The banks are expected to sell credits to the Texas Department of Transportation, commercial and residential real estate developers, and oil and gas companies.   Read more
Schoodic Woods LLC conserves 1,700 acres adjacent to Acadia National Park
The Maine Coast Heritage Trust has secured a critical parcel in a 30,000-acre conservation project following the parcel’s 2011 acquisition by Schoodic Woods LLC, an affiliate of The Lyme Timber Company.   Read more
Sale of conservation easement on 13,352 acres of Lyme’s Florida timberlands completes a multi-year conservation effort
The working forest conservation easement completes the permanent conservation of the entire 46,581-acre Lyme Cross City Forest.   Read more
Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP Conserve 4,700 acres in Texas Through Sale to Galveston Bay Foundation
After purchasing approximately 9,700 acres of ecologically sensitive property along Galveston Bay in 2018, Lyme has sold 4,714 acres to Galveston Bay Foundation for permanent conservation.   Read more
Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP acquire 172 acres in central Virginia to develop as a stream and wetland mitigation bank
Bordering the Willis River, the property features over 55 acres of wetland, pine and hardwood forests, and 92 acres of open pasture.   Read more
Partnership between the Rossi Group and Lyme Acquire the Danzer sawmill in Bradford, Pennsylvania
The Rossi Group and Lyme plan to bring the Bradford facility, formerly known as Bradford Forest Products, back to full production. The business will operate under its former name, Bradford Forest.   Read more


Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP acquire 1,568 acres in Johnson County, Texas to develop a stream mitigation bank
Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP acquire approximately 92,000 acres of forestland in north central Pennsylvania and southwest New York from Seneca Resources Company, bringing total regional forestland ownership to 159,000 acres
Lyme joins environmental and business leaders in announcing principles on the role sustainably managed forests and forest products play in mitigating climate change
The principles recognize forests as a natural climate solution and provide a common framework for engaging stakeholders in discussions about climate solutions. “We are signing on because we believe the need to address climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time and all businesses have a responsibility to look for solutions. Our role is to understand the science pertaining to the role of forests, forest management, and forest products in mitigating climate change, then to participate in the design of regulations and market based solutions that will enable our businesses to contribute meaningfully to climate solutions.” - Jim Hourdequin, CEO, The Lyme Timber Company.    Read more
Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP acquire 242 acres in southeastern Texas to develop a stream mitigation bank
The Call Junction property, in southeastern Texas, features 40 acres of loblolly pine plantation and 202 acres of pastureland. The mitigation project includes the cessation of agricultural operations, the restoration of wetlands and riparian habitat, and the restoration of streams to increase sinuosity and connectivity with the flood plain.    Read more