Lyme Mountaineer Timberlands

In 2017, The Lyme Forest Fund IV acquired 163,500 acres of timberland in West Virginia. In this acquisition, Fund IV assumed obligations of a carbon encumbrance that requires sustainable forest management. Lyme’s operational strategy focuses on restructuring forestry operations and increasing cash yields from sustainable timber harvesting.

In 2018 and 2019, Lyme closed on two separate new markets tax credit financings to support the introduction of winch-assist harvesting technology on the steep slopes of West Virginia. In addition to improving access and productivity, this system has the potential to reduce the environmental impacts of conventional harvesting systems and make logging safer and higher-paying and thus more attractive to business owners and their employees. Lyme has established a fund-owned logging business, Mountaineer Mechanized, to manage this harvesting activity.

The property is managed and certified to the SFI ® Forest Management Standard to ensure sustainable management and conservation of the forest resource.

Gary Keaton serves as the General Manager for Mountain Forest Management, a Lyme portfolio company that manages Lyme’s West Virginia timberlands.

Lincoln, Logan, McDowell, Mingo, Raleigh, Wayne, and Wyoming Counties, West Virginia; Pike County, Kentucky
Lyme Mountaineer Timberlands